The Moondance community meets twice a month to move our bodies, connect with our true nature and experience pleasure unapologetically.

If you’re seeking more delight, less shame, and to reclaim your sensuality…

You’re in the right place. Welcome.


Full Moon Gathering

Ecstatic Space

Our full-throttle gratitude rave.

Dance your whole being into ecstatic states. Find true joy in the present moment, and share it with the collective.

Bring your whole self to the dance floor and emerge shining and triumphant, with a renewed love for your life.

New Moon Gathering

Sensual Space

The slumber party you’ve always dreamed of.

We provide guided exercises to increase awareness and pleasure in your body, as you wind your way sensuously through your dance.

Seduction magic. Space to witness and be witnessed in all your sensual glory.

Deep-rooted Community

Share your Truth

An online circle where you can bring all of yourself to the table to be seen, heard and loved.

Share your delight, your grief, your blocks, your wins and your beauty.

Find healing in the eyes of your siblings on this path.

MOONDANCE is founded on principles of :
💕Self Love
💕Community support
💕Pleasure for pleasure’s sake
💕Honour and respect for the feminine in everything

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How it works

MOONDANCE is a monthly subscription
We meet live every other Thursday at 7PM UK / 8PM CET for 2 hours of pure feminine magic.

All calls are recorded, and you have 1 week to watch them again

Every gathering includes:
🌙 Reflection: Free-writing exercises to get deeper into your experience.
🌙 Witnessing : Sharing with large and / or smaller groups, with or without words. Honouring one another
🌙Movement : Somatic exercises and dance to explore pleasure and celebrate your body exactly as it is.
🌙Ritual : We cultivate intentions together, and bless them with the energy of the collective so that they may bear fruit in the world.

MOONDANCE is open to all women, and anyone else who exists (always or sometimes) on the feminine side of the gender spectrum.
We welcome and celebrate any and all expressions of femininity.

Free monthly gathering – First Sunday of the month – Hold and be held in the circle

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your guides

Joanna & Esmeralda

Esmeralda and Joanna have a combined 12 years of experience guiding human bodies in movement & mindfulness.

They first bonded in Paris over a love of food, and chased that deliciousness headlong into movement and bodywork trainings and adventure across the globe.

They inspire and champion each other every single day, and would LOVE to do the same for you.

“I feel like I am a completely different person this month from who I was last month, a real growth of confidence and happiness.

It feels SO GOOD to be in a community of accepting women.

I feel like I’ve tapped into a part of me that I have been trying to tap into for a long time but finally I’ve actually started to open it up and be liberated.

It feels like a weight has been lifted and I’m just really enjoying life right now”


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