Sunday Circle

Our free monthly community gathering

First Sunday of every month

Hold and be held in the circle

Join us for a lightly-curated hour of feeling into our individual and collective emotional landscapes. Sunday Circle is a monthly gathering, offered freely so that the Moondance community may come together and be nourished by the energy of the collective.

In this non-workshop, non goal-oriented space, we meet and honour ourselves as we are now.

We share freely, from our hearts, in order to meet one another in our depths.

We make gentle space for our unfolding.

We listen without judgement, and sit right there with each other in the thick of whatever is present.

Simple, loving, powerful.

“I have found so much more love for myself and my body.”

– Emily, course participant

Who are we?

Joanna (she/her) and Esmeralda (she/her) are yoga, dance & movement guides on a mission to remind every feminine soul of their radiance and power.

But before all that, we’re best pals. We both grew up feeling uncomfortable in our own skins, seeking validation anywhere we could get it, and avoiding all our inner wounding because we were scared it would swallow us. Simply put, we were both living to please others rather than from our authenticity, and it didn’t feel so good.

Meeting one another was the catalyst for some of the deepest healing imaginable, allowing us to forget the competitive, scarcity-driven mindsets we both grew up with, and remember the abundance of love. It might sound like a cliche, but our love for each other is truly one of our biggest inspirations. Our vision is to expand this circle of fierce love-warriors to include all feminine folk everywhere.

The odyssey of self-discovery has taken us across the world, including trainings in yoga, movement, tantra & bodywork, and we blend all these practices in our offerings.

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